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Author(s): Katalin Cseh-Varga (2016) – last update: 2018-04-19.

The idea behind the Artpool project is to create an “ACTIVE ARCHIVE” built on specific artistic activities. This differs from traditional archival practices in that the “ACTIVE ARCHIVE” does not only collect material already existing ‘out there’, but it also generates the very material to be archived. It documents the thoughts circulating within the worldwide network of free and autonomous art but still remains invisible to profit-oriented art.

The unique collection of sources available to the public at Artpool Art Research Center covers 300 meters of shelving. The archive and library house primarily documents relating to the Hungarian avant-garde art movements of the `70s and `80s, as well as sources on the new international art trends of the past 30 years: Fluxus, performance, sound poetry, visual poetry, artists’ bookwork, mail art, artists’ stamps, artists’ postcards, artists’ periodicals, copy art, computer art, video art.

Amongst the materials are: Correspondence materials, notes, plans, ideas, interviews, writings, works of art, photo documents, catalogs, invitation cards, bibliographies, chronologies, diagrams, video and sound documents, CD-Roms, etc.


Artpool Art Research Center
Liszt Ferenc tér 10., first floor
Budapest VI

Archival information: tel. +36 (1) 268-01-14
Office hours: Research in the archive and library is available by appointment


How to find the Archive sites

Maps & location sketches

How to plan and to prepare a visit

The Artpool Art Research Center is open to the public and is free of charge. Research in the archive and library is available by appointment.

In the case of significant research projects, arrangements can be made for the ongoing use of all research facilities.


To register, please send an email describing your research project and your interest in the material stored at the Artpool Archives to:

On the first visit, you will have to complete a form giving information on your research project.

Reading Room rules and regulations

  • Before registering and coming to the Artpool Archives, please consult the archive’s website for basic information on the materials’ hold.
  • Further information will be given by the archivists at the reading room.
  • Certain documents are available only with the permission of the owner.
  • The archivists will copy material for a fee.
  • Taking photos without flash light is generally permitted. Be, however, aware of the copyright regulations.

Archive databases & Online finding aids

Please consult the archive’s website for basic information on the materials’ hold.

Research is aided by a catalogue and a computer-based register which is continuously enlarged and updated. Both are accessible at the reading room.

Practical advice

  • Many countries do not require a visa for entry into Hungary, permitted to stay up to 90 days. (Click here to see the list of coutnries with visa-free access.) If you require advice on how to attain a visa into Hungary, please visit the Tourist Schengen Visa page, which lists the general entry requirements.
  • The reading room is rather small, but there are power sockets and wifi.
  • Usual English speaking staff hours: 11 am to 5 pm.
  • The archive is completed by the Library and the Collections which supply primarily materials on special topics.
  • The Artpool Archives is located close to the Oktogon, one of Budpest’s major intersections as well as a major metro station. There are many restaurants, shops, ATMs, etc. around. Affordable accommodation may be found, for instance, in one of the hostels and hotels in Király utca.

Citation Suggestion

Cseh-Varga, Katalin: Artpool Art Research Center, in: ESE Archives Guide: A Web Guide to East and Southeast European Archives, 2016 (2018-04-19),

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